• A2B Alva Electric Bike

  • A2B Galvani Electric Bike

  • A2B Shima Electric Bike

  • A2B Ferber Electric Bike

A2B Electric Bikes

Redefine your journey with an A2B electric bike. Inspired by the world’s great innovators, the A2B collection is a result of engineering innovation and design brilliance. Award-winning design, superb performance, and German precision.

A2B Shima

Top Speed: 28mph

Range: 40 miles

Battery: 36v / 13.2Ah

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A2B Kuo+ folding eBike & carry bag

Top Speed: 18.7mph

Range: 37 miles

Battery: 36v / 9Ah

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A2B Alva+

Top Speed: 24mph

Range: 55 miles

Battery: 36v 13.2Ah

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A2B Ferber

Top Speed: 20mph

Range: 40 miles

Battery: 36v 8.8Ah

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Every A2B bike that we carry can be fully charged in about 4 hours or less


All A2B bikes carry reliable and proven Tektro braking systems

Pedal Assist

A2B bikes are equipped with pedal assist, providing riders with the additional boost needed to get where they are going


Our collection of A2B bikes boast ranges of 37 miles, up to 55 miles


The DC brushless rear hub motor provides a powerful boost directly integrated into the drive train