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Stromer Electric Bikes

The Stromer is an award-winning e-bike which sets a new standard for stylish and capable urban transportation. Beneath its sleek, outward appearance lies a wealth of Swiss-engineered innovation in advanced technology and modular design. Stromer is also making and writing history when it comes to digital connectivity. The revolutionary new user interface provides remote, wireless interaction between the bike and other touch points such as the Stromer Portal and your smartphone. All of this is possible thanks to Omni, Stomer’s proprietary cloud-based platform. Omni not only enables anti-theft protection, it also stores your Stromer’s service records. Experience the new standard for urban mobility with a Stromer e-bike.

Stromer ST1X

Top Speed: up to 28 mph

Range: 25-75 miles (30-90 miles w/ 814 Wh)

Battery: 618 Wh (814 Wh optional)

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Stromer ST2

Top Speed: up to 28 mph

Range: 30-90 miles (40-110 miles with 983 Wh)

Battery: 814 Wh (983 Wh optional)

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Stromer ST2 S

Top Speed: up to 28 mph

Range: 40-110 miles

Battery: 983 Wh

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Multiple battery options for the ST1 and ST2 allow you to choose the battery that best suits your needs.


Stromer's 500W SYNO Drive and CYRO Drive motors offer continuous smooth power. Running at 48V, acceleration and regeneration are efficient, quiet and powerful.

Pedal Assist

The precise sensor systems, pedal assist, gearing, and regenerative braking offers dynamic and individual riding.


Omni is Stromer's cloud-based platform offers security and anti-theft protection.